Institutional Arrangements For SIP-II
  • Federal Level : At the federal level on behalf of GoN, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) will extend the necessary guidance and support to the programme and ensure collaboration with Province 1 Government and Local Governments (LGs) through Department of Local Infrastructure (DoLI). On behalf of MoFAGA, the DoLI will coordinate and manage budget transfers to the local levels.
  • Provincial Level : At the Province level, Province 1 Government (PG1) through its Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development (MoPID) and Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division (WRIDD) will manage planning, coordination and budgeting/budget transfers of PG1 to LGs.
  • Local Level : Local Governments with their Infrastructure Development Environment Management Section (IDEMS) will have the overall responsibility for planning, management and implementation of the program at the local level.
  • Programme Management and Implementation Support Consultants/ Joint Venture of GEOCE-TMS-AVIYAAN will be providing technical assistance on behalf of SDC for Small Irrigation Program