Institutional Arrangements For SIP-II
  • Federal Level : At the federal level on behalf of GoN, Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) will extend the necessary guidance and support to the programme and ensure collaboration with Koshi Province Government and Local Governments (LGs) through Department of Local Infrastructure (DoLI). On behalf of MoUD, the DoLI will coordinate and manage budget transfers to the local levels.
  • Provincial Level : At the Province level, Koshi Province Government (KPG) through its Ministry of Water Supply, Irrigation and Energy (MoWSIE) and Water Resource and Irrigation Development Division (WRIDD) will manage planning, coordination and budgeting/budget transfers of KPG to LGs.
  • Local Level : Local Governments with their Infrastructure Development Environment Management Section (IDEMS) will have the overall responsibility for planning, management and implementation of the program at the local level.
  • Programme Management and Implementation Support Consultants/ Joint Venture of GEOCE-TMS-AVIYAAN will be providing technical assistance on behalf of SDC for Small Irrigation Program