SIP-II is implemented by the Government of Nepal (GoN) in collaboration with the Government of Switzerland and is built upon the experience of implementing SIP, Phase I The expected impact of the programme is to reduce the poverty of the small farmers especially the disadvantaged groups by increasing their agricultural income. The main approach of the programme is to consolidate the positive results in development of irrigation infrastructure, and further refine scheme design to condition these schemes for dry season irrigation of high value crops, and thus create enabling conditions for the introduction of commercialized agriculture. The Local Governments shall actively support the introduction of improved agricultural practices with a focus on the production of high value cash crops as well as ensuring a conducive environment for the development of the private sector and facilitate the linkage between the input and output markets with the farmers.

Where we work

SIP-II is currently being implemented in the 59 mid-hill Palikas of Koshi Province. For more details Click Here

SIP II Mobile Application

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